Ava Wild: Original Ideas about Land, Love and Life

 In Ambassadors, Everywhere Life Takes Me, Life is a Boot

Winner of the SOCAN foundation Award for Young Canadian Songwriter 2017, Ava Wild hails from the open skies of Regina, Saskatchewan where her honey-sweet voice is as wild as a prairie plain and tells stories of land, love and life. She draws inspiration from Tom Waits and Norah Jones with a blend of folk and acoustic, nicely spiced with a spoonful of jazz and old-country.

For Ava, music is a conversation. Her favourite part of being a musician? “The best part about this kind of work is the number of free tea’s I get at the bar.”

In 2017, Ava hosted a celebration of women in her hometown. Guests shared stories of when they felt most like a Queen. They filmed event tied into the release of her music video “Queen”, from her debut EP, BARE.

In BARE, Ava recorded “live-off-floor”, for a true live-performance feel. Live-off-floor studio recordings sound more like a live performance, less like a slick studio soundtrack. BARE reveals stories of where she came from, where she is and where she is going. The on-going musical conversation continues with new music to be released this year. Join Ava’s email group to get VIP access before the music goes public. You can join through her website.

In all of Ava’s travels from coffee shops, to shows, to horseback riding, hiking, hulling gear and walking the dog, Ava rocks her all-occasion Blundstone boots. “Just enough class, just enough practicality that fits my lifestyle,” she says. Her caring soul is laced with a red shoe attitude so it’s no surprise that Ava’s Blundstone boots are red as well. Blundstone 1440 Leather Lined Redwood, to be exact.

The future is unfolding like a prairie rose for Ava Wild. In May, Ava will preform at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton, UK. A new single ’Balloons for You’ celebrates growing up as a person and as an artist. She has also been announced as a performer at the 2019 Gateway Festival in Bengough, Saskatchewan.

Be sure to check out Ava’s Blundstone Playlist Volume III contribution, “White Toothed Bastard” and enjoy her gentle melodies to pass the day.

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