Begonia: Trying to Find a Balance

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Life is all about balance, something that Alexa Dirks, the face of Begonia, knows well and constantly works towards. Her music ranges from one end of the spectrum which can be a dark, grievous, and rough around the edges to the other end, a petite, and elegant flower.

As her website states:

The plant attempts to harmonize its two poles, forming an array of varieties that each borrow from the delicate and the unseemly.

This is a balance that Alexa tries to achieve every day of her life. Starting out in the music industry at such a young age turned out to be a blessing. “I don’t think I knew what to be scare of.” There were always concerns about whether it was feasible to make a legitimate career doing something she loved, but she pushed forward, trying not to worry too much about the future. Lucky for her, things kept working out. “That doesn’t mean there haven’t been and will continue to be serious bumps along the way.”

Raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Alexa notes a pivotal point in her career being her first official tour at age nineteen. Before this she’d done weekend tours in high school, but never with a band and songs she had written. Together, they drove to California in an MPV with no air conditioning in the middle of summer; it was a pretty hot trip. The band would take detours to truck stops just for a chance to stick their heads in a freezer and cool down before braving the scorching heat again. Despite the sweaty travel, “it felt like such an adventure and that’s when I realized it truly was all I wanted to do.”

Gaining inspiration from her life and the lives of the people closest to her, Alexa aims to tell stories that are honest and relatable. She encourages artists to play everywhere and to get out and sing whenever they can. Claiming “it’s one of the best ways to take risks musically, meet like minded people and find your artistic voice.” She remembers throwing herself into anything musical, which allowed her to find her own confidence and voice.

If she didn’t have the opportunity to sing, Alexa still believes she would pursue music, but more behind the scenes. Encouraging other artists and song writing. If not that, then she would return to respite/personal care, something she was passionate about before music took over.

First time Blundstone wearer, Alexa is excited to wear her new boots and rock them on the regular. “I feel so lucky to be able to start.” Sharing that in a year of use, she knows the boots will be telling their own stories. For now, “they are just saying ‘break us in please!’”

Like Blundstone, Alexa spends her downtime going back to the basics, family and friends, tv and records, naps and snacks. Community is everything for Alexa, from music to her home life, she strives to make time for all those important to her. We can’t wait to be a part of her next musical journey with every foot she travels.

Her newest single “The Light” was released September 5th, and is the beginning of an electric new chapter.

Listen to Begonia now on the Blundstone Playlist 2017!

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