Bleum: A Sensational Electronic Pop Project

 In Ambassadors, Everywhere Life Takes Me, Life is a Boot

Fredericton, New Brunswick based band, Bleum is the brainchild of producer Daniel James and award-winning singer/songwriter Brittany McQuinn. They began creating music together in 2016 after Daniel saw Brittany perform live. Impressed, he proposed a working arrangement. After Brittany released a solo EP, Bold, and won a Toronto Independent Music Award, the duo decided to try something completely separate from their individual identities. Bleum was born.

As a live band, with Adam Guidry on the drums, Bleum combines elements of pop and R&B with dark, hazy electronic music production. Brittany tells us that the group wanted their new sound to bloom, hence the choice of band name.

Using music for mental health advocacy, Bleum works alongside the Canadian Mental Health Association. They hope their music has a positive effect on fans. “We want people to lose themselves in a song or a show. Maybe they’ve been able to shake off a bad week, maybe they’ve connected with some of the lyrics and feel empowered.” Bleum’s goal is to better people’s lives with what they do.  “We love what we do and hope that people can feel that.”

Bleum was excited to be selected for the Blundstone Playlist Volume III, and thrilled to be associated with Blundstone boots. “We love our Blundstone boots! They are so versatile and comfortable.”

Bleum’s catchy single “Visit” can be found on the Blundstone Playlist Volume III. Stream it now!

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