Calla Kinglit: Beautiful, Reflective and Awe-Inspiring

 In Ambassadors, Everywhere Life Takes Me, Life is a Boot

Drawing inspiration from the awe of wilderness and exploring the human experience, well-travelled Yukon local, Calla Kinglit’s music is characterized by haunting melodies and deep wilderness-based lyrics. In 2018 she released her debut album “Dreamer’s Sea”. Each song reflects a different journey, from the days of living as a researcher in the Condo Basin in the Central African country of Cameroon and maneuvering through landsides in the Himalayas to exploring the vast and redemptive beauty of her home base in the Yukon. These different journeys may be internal feelings or a physical outward expedition, but each piece ties together to contemplate the spiritual journey of one small being.

For Calla, being a singer-songwriter can feel like a self-centered career. Because of this it has been a really important for her to make sure that she maintains a way of contributing to other things. More recently, she has been working as a policy analysis for a change in perspective. “Day to day work has allows me to return to a more playful way of interacting with music,” Calla shares. “It has lightened the stresses and provided perspective and renewed motivation to be deliberate and take risks in my music.”

Open to collaboration, Calla shares her favourite parts of the music industry involve working with other musicians, writing, recording and developing arrangements. She loves to experiment with her work, layering music with unique sounds such as striking a mandolin with a hammer to create a different kind of percussion. Throughout the album, she has combined experimental acoustic and electronic instrumentation to create an album that hovers solidly in both acoustic and electronic realms.

Her song, “Wandering Man” is about her alter ego. “An independent person finding solace in the Canadian wilderness covering vast distances on foot,” Calla says. “I have always imagined this character in a good pair of boots.” Blundstone boots fit the bill, and Calla feels they represent the strong leather footwear she’d expect this character to sport. She can’t wait to trek across the Yukon rocking her boots and humming new tunes—maybe about comfort!

Take a listen to Calla Kinglit’s Blundstone Playlist Volume III contribution “Dreamer’s Sea” and let her soothing voice and gentle strumming drift away the afternoon.

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