Cat Clyde: Making the Most of the Changing World

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Ontario-native, Cat Clyde loves seeing her creative ideas brought to life. Self-classified as anxious and sensitive, Cat shares that she’s always had to write everything down to get through any emotional strain. These notes are used to craft her emotive songs and she hopes that people will relate to what they hear. “It’s cool to see people connect with what I’m doing and gives me the freedom to explore my creativity.”

A former equestrian, Cat has been a fan of Blundstone boots for many years, sharing that they were her first pair of riding boots. “I used to work on a horse farm and they were amazingly comfortable boots for standing all day and mucking out stalls.” Still, she was excited to receive her new pair, sharing that “going on walks and hikes” is one of her favourite things and something the Blundstone brand is often celebrated for. “I will be going on lots of adventures with my boots and they are going to be so great on the road touring.”

Performing and touring has traditionally taken up much of Cat’s time and ability to write. With the shifting work force and on-going pandemic, Cat has had an opportunity to create new material and work towards another album release. Like many others that found themselves spending an unprecedented amount of time at home, Cat found her creativity in the forced isolation. Giving her time to create a lot of content that had traditionally fallen to the wayside.

Cat took part in the RBCxMusic initiative in the summer of 2020 allowing her an opportunity to perform from the comforts of her home. The new platform for sharing music has allowed her to not only connect with local fans but have a chance to reach potential fans worldwide, when everyone was looking for a bit of an escape. Artists like Cat have been making the most of the pandemic and finding new ways to bring their art to their adoring fans.

Her contribution to the Blundstone Playlist Volume 4 is entitled “I Don’t Belong Here”, which Cat shares she was inspired to write when she was working a factory job. Desperate to find an outlet for her creativity, she shared the experience in her music. This song earned a spot on her 2019 album Hunters Trance. The song is relatable to many who can think of a situation where they really thought to themselves “I don’t belong here”. Cat’s velvety vocals and fresh sound make the song well worth the listen. Find it on the Blundstone Playlist Volume 4 now!


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