Celebrating 80 Years of Wuerth’s Shoes

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Congratulations to Wuerth’s Shoes, on 80 years of service!

A notable retailer and long-term partner with Blundstone Canada, we were excited to get an opportunity to celebrate with Wuerth’s Shoes. A footwear that was traditionally advertised through experience and word-of-foot, Blundstone boots have continued to grow in sales every year, with each of Wuerth’s locations featuring the footwear.

Blundstone Canada recently had a short Q&A with Sarah Geoffrey, fourth generation in the Wuerth family to see how 80 years in the business changes and flourishes.

Blundstone: Why do you feel Wuerth’s Shoes customers have connected so strongly with the Blundstone brand?

Sarah: Blundstone has become our customer’s everything boot! In all three of our locations, the Blundstone brand has become very strong, mostly through experience and word of mouth.

Blundstone: What drew Wuerth’s Shoes to the Blundstone brand?

Sarah: We have always shopped for quality and dependability in a brand.  Blundstone was a well recognizable brand for comfort, style and most importantly – durability!

Wuerth’s Shoes – Exeter, Ontario

Blundstone: If you were to go back 80 years, when the business began, what advice would you give yourself?

Sarah: We live in a different world than 80 years ago, but our Family’s essential goal has always been to put our customer’s needs first.  It is important to the consumer that you hold true to your values.  You must have confidence in the product as well as the service you are providing for your customer.

Blundstone: Would you have done anything differently if you were to start over?

Sarah: I am sure my Dad, Grandpa, and Great Grandpa would each have their own ideas of how they could have changed things over the years, but this is how we learn.  After 80 years in business we are still learning and moving forward.

Blundstone: Was there a pivotal turning point, or defining moment, at the store(s) over the past 80 years?

Sarah: We have had several turning points throughout our 80 years.  We have had four generations of our family involved over the years.  With each generation there were changes to the business.  My Great Grandfather started Wuerth’s Shoes as a Cobbler making and repairing shoes.  When my Grandfather joined him, he continued to repair footwear but also added the retail side of the business, selling shoes, roller skates, and ice skates for the entire family.  In the late seventies and early eighties my father joined the family business, expanding the retail with multiple brands and different locations.  Today we currently have three locations to serve our customers.

Wuerth’s Shoes – Stratford, Ontario

Blundstone: How has your partnership with Blundstone Canada changed and/or evolved over the years?

Sarah: Our relationship with Blundstone has changed more than ever in the past five years with the increase in demand for the brand.  We have a very loyal understanding with Blundstone Canada and appreciate everything they have done for us over the years.

Blundstone: Relationships are difficult, it’s a two-way street, communication, respect, trust and support. Do you feel this partnership has all of those qualities?

Sarah: 100%

Blundstone: If you were to take your Blundstone boots on an adventure anywhere, where would you go, who would you take with you and why?

Sarah: Every day is an adventure for us!  My husband, two daughters, and myself all wear them on an everyday basis. Work, school, hockey arena, hikes on the trail, family vacations – they all begin with our Blundstone boots!

Wuerth’s Shoes – Goderich, Ontario

Blundstone: Anything else to add on this successful, longstanding relationship?

Sarah: We look forward to our continuing relationship with Blundstone for many years!  The most common question we hear now is “What colour do I buy next”?

Thank you, Wuerth’s Shoes, for your continued patronage and we wish you every success in the future.

Be sure to go into your local Wuerth dealer this week to participate in their “Try On a Pair to Win a Pair” and for your chance to win a pair of Blundstone boots!

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