From #EhtoZ Photo Contest: Showcasing the Best of Canada

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From the mountains in the west to the icebergs in the east, Canada is a beautiful place to live and explore. To celebrate 150 years of this gorgeous country, Blundstone Canada teamed up with G Adventures to sponsor the From #EhtoZ contest, asking Blundstone owners to showcase their boots with the sights of Canada. Both Blundstone and G Adventures alike were humbled and amazed by the inspirational photos submitted. Each one featured a different view of Canada and loyalty to the Blundstone brand.

The contest was a total success! We hoped to inspire Blundstone wearers to connect with their roots and share insight about their favourite Canadian places and adventures. A wide variety of photos were submitted ranging across the many provinces and territories that make up this wonderful country. Not only did it showcase the often undiscovered parts of Canada but it brought a strong connection between Canada and the Blundstone brand by taking the idea of adventure at home and making it into a reality.

First place winter, and Canmore resident, Amy Wakefield shared a photo of her travels through Newfoundland and Labrador. She successfully captured a vibrant sunset coupled with roaring waves and picturesque icebergs, showcasing her well-worn 1351 Women’s Series Blundstone boots. A true representation of adventure in Canada and adding a bit of a feminine touch. Amy hoped that her photos would inspire others to make the trek to the east coast for a holiday and take in all the beauty Canada has to offer. She can’t wait to enjoy her winnings, $3000.00 from G Adventures to travel anywhere in Canada with $1000.00 spending money and two new pairs of boots.


Second place and $500.00 spending money along with two new pairs of boots went to Abby Hobbs, a Kingston, Ontario resident. Her photo captured the integrity of Canada and the importance of family in a shot featuring five women from varying generations, sporting plaid and holding hockey sticks. What started as an impromptu photo at a family Easter gathering turned into a winning piece of Canadian legacy. A Blundstone family through and through, Abby said her inspiration for the photo was “the bond in a Canadian family” and “the women in our family playing hockey together (no matter the age).” It represented the special bond she shares with her loved ones. When asked who the second pair of Blundstone boots would go to, Abby shared that her cousin, Sarah—also featured in the photo—would get them.

Our final winner was Kayle Hartman who walked away with $370.00 in spending money and two pairs of Blundstone boots for her photo titled “Campsite Rules: Wear Blundstones and Take Naps”. The shot features Kayle’s classic and well-worn 500s being snuggled by her handsome chocolate lab, Digby. Outdoors, adventure and furry friends are three things we at Blundstone can definitely get behind!

Congratulations, to all the winners!

Working with G Adventures was an honour for Blundstone Canada. The two companies share similar values of “do the right thing” and an inherent desire to support ethical and environmental practices and local communities. Adventure and Blundstone boots often go hand in hand, and connecting with G Adventures to sponsor this exciting contest was a great way to showcase both brands. Amanda Dunning, spokesperson for G Adventures, shares her belief that “most folks that own a pair of Blundstone [boots] want to explore,” adding that “G Adventures is happy to help them explore the world in their boots.”

Blundstone Canada couldn’t be happier with the results of the From #EhtoZ Contest. What a great way to celebrate 150 years by connecting with Canada through one common aspect, versatile, reliable and long-lasting Blundstone boots. No matter your style or level of adventure, Blundstone Canada has a pair for you. Find your fit today!


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