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Guest Post by Stef Richardson

Put me in a field with delicious food, upbeat music, and stellar weather – and you’ve got a happy camper. Recently, Blundstone Canada invited me to eat all the good stuff at the Music Harvest Festival, which was held at Eigensinn Farm. Tucked in the fields of Singhampton lies this farm, also known as the Stadtländers home, where they raise and grow their own organic vegetables + livestock. It’s truly a sight to see, I’ll tell you that much.

For those of you who aren’t aware of Eigensinn Farm & Michael Stadtländer…you must know! Michael and his wife Nobuyo have brought something truly special to our area – a culinary experience of a lifetime. Originally from Germany, Michael nurtured a true passion for cooking with local ingredients from an early age. After much success throughout his career, he had the opportunity to bring that passion to the countryside that some of us are fortunate to call home.

The farm is so much more than a “farm”. Stadtländer, Nobuyo and a group of apprentices bring to life a farm-to-table philosophy, bringing innovative dishes to fork and knife for all guests to enjoy. Using ingredients grown on the farm, they prepare intimate dinners, nourish the community and host food focused events such as the one I attended. It definitely goes down in my books as a 2017 summer highlight, no doubt!

Event day, I arrived ready to go in my favourite pair of black chiseled Blundstone boots, which seemed fitting for a field festival. I’ve been SO in love with this company for years and I recently found out that Blundstone Canada’s head office is located in the heart of Collingwood, Ontario. So cool, so local! However, as much as Blundstone is a global brand, it’s worth noting that the Canada division strives to support the local food community – which hits my heartstrings tremendously.

To bring this full circle, Blundstone Canada and Michael Stadtländer have had a longstanding relationship for quite some time and you see this directly on the feet of his workers. Tried and true, these boots are heavy duty and proven worthy of these hardworking chefs. Back in the early ol’ days, these boots were primarily worn by farmers + factory workers – for durability, support and functionality. Now, you see these boots everywhere including on Chef Michael, who has been a strong supporter of Blundstone boots for years. And what better shoe to wear while travelling the farm fields during this four-season destination.

I don’t think we could have asked for more perfect weather for an outdoor event. The sun was shining bright, the temperature was sitting somewhere around 28 degrees and the food + bevvies were flowing. Recipe for a great day, am I right!?

The festival was set up as stations throughout the hemp, potato and squash fields. As you made your way through the farm, every 50 metres or so there was a place to have some nibbles or sip on some local wine/beer. It was the perfect way to pair conversation and delicious bites. I won’t be able to give you the 4-1-1 on the whole experience but I can tell you that there were some wicked restaurants serving up some memorable food, featuring ingredients grown at Eigensinn Farm. Not one dish missed the mark. Well done, guys!

As the afternoon wrapped up, all guests made their way back to the centre of the field where dessert was served. It was so incredibly neat seeing everyone unite at sunset, gather on the hand-made picnic tables, sharing one last dish together while listening to the musicians serenade the end of a great day. We sipped our wine, and dug in to some homemade honey + Grappa ice cream with a fruit and lavender compote. It was intriguingly flavourful and a treat I won’t forget.

Big thanks to Blundstone Canada for inviting me as their guest, and to Michael Stadtländer, the crew at Eigensinn Farm and all who made this event happen – thank you. For those reading this and wondering more, stay in the know and don’t miss out on the next opportunity to visit this magical place. You won’t regret it. This event was phenomenal.

Shout out to Eigensinn Farm, Boehmer, Ravine Vineyard, Cuisine Balance, Haisai, South Pond Farms, Azzura, Oyster Boy, Rose & Sons, Grey County Meats, Hiro Sushi.

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