L’Officiel: For Blundstone, Consistency is Key to Change

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Original Article by Ali Webb on the L’Officiel.

The Australian footwear brand is celebrating 50 years of its 500 series Chelsea boot, which has transcended time and lifestyle with minimal aesthetic changes.

It takes a powerful pair of shoes to last 150 years without any major aesthetic overhaul. New trends emerge all the time, and most lifestyles drastically change alongside technological advances and societal evolution. Yet Australian footwear brand Blundstone has managed to stay successful since its founding in 1870, and its boots still look largely like the original. The brand’s functional, understated design became a hit among Tasmanian farmers and builders and only expanded across locations and lifestyles as time passed and globalization spread. While fashions and trades have changed, nothing has been able to beat a practical, classic boot whose versatility transcends place and activity.

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In all its history, Blundstone’s biggest revolutionary moment was the introduction of its Chelsea boot, the Original 500, in 1968. A unisex series that arose alongside social movements across the West, the style has become synonymous with the brand and vice versa through its use value and timeless appeal. The only changes over the years have been technological, so though today’s Blundstone wearer can comfortably take their boots through more activity than ever, the aesthetic has proven to last over a half-century as the world around it evolves.

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