Get Ready to Breathe Easy this Summer!

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Canadians—we really love our winter, don’t we? Well, we try our best. Our trusty Blundstone boots keep us comfortable come what may. But when warmer breezes bring promises of sun, sand and summer adventure, your feet may need a breather.

Blundstone Canvas to the rescue! Breathable, washable, hike-able, bike-able, dance-able, camp-able, cottage-able, cruise-able canvas made comfortable the Blundstone way, with a cushion in every step.  Below are some of the places we wear our Canvas.

We’d be thrilled to hear where you wear yours!

The long walk into Long Beach just got shorter. Thanks Blundstone Canvas!

Bring ’em to the beach.

Beach Rule #1: It is sacrilegious to wear anything on your feet while at the beach. Rule #2: It’s okay to break rule #1 if the sand is hot, dirty, hard, or full of nasties. Flexible, low-cut Blundstone Canvas provides breathability, with over-the-ankle coverage and a cushion in every step.

All feet on deck.

Cast Off, matey. Just don’t Fall Off! The tough, water-resistant tread help Blundstone Canvas navigate from bow to stern when you’re out on the water. And leave your socks on the dock, Jacques!

Blaze a trail.

Blundstone Canvas may be the lightest part of your kit. With almost 100% breathability and a cushion in every step, it magically shortens the K’s. Perfect cover at the campsite. Slip-off, pull-on keeps tents clean. Washable, too.

Blundstone Canvas brings the comfort, you bring the cool.

Hit the town.

Blundstone Canvas are as light and comfortable as your childhood tennis shoes, but they go a lot better with your summer style. Plus, they’re way more welcome on the dance floor! Kick up your heels and stay cool all night long.

Get down in the grow.

Dig this, gardeners: FeatherFlex technology. This Blundstone innovation means Blundstone Canvas bends when you bend; almost like going barefoot. Easy washability so you won’t have to tiptoe through the tulips. Lightweight, flexible, breathable. Shallow sole tread leaves the dirt in the garden. Slip off before stepping inside for your well-deserved cool beverage—no laces!

Head out on the highway.

Put on the tunes, roll down the windows, and turn up the A/C —the breathable, Air-Conditioned Blundstone Canvas that is. Light, flexible, washable. Excellent travel companions up in the air, too. Kick-off, pull-on for airport Security and instant inflight comfort.

Did we miss your favourite summer kick? Have a story about where Blundstone Canvas has taken you? Share it with us!

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  • Judy Chan

    Hello. Was wondering if the the canvas blinds are the same height as my unisex leather ones

    • Blundstone Canada

      Hi Judy! They are slightly shorter than the standard leather lined series.

  • Ryan

    Fun! Is the entire boot washable?

    • Blundstone Canada

      Hi Ryan! To care for your Canvas boots, scrub away any patches of dirt with a soft bristled brush. Dip a cloth or soft bristled brush into some warm water and clean the entire surface of the boot. Put some tissue paper inside your boots and leave them to air dry, to help maintain their shape when drying. Never put your canvas Blundstone boots in a tumble dryer or they risk shriveling and damaging the sole. Thank you!!

  • Judy L

    Hi! Question about the colours… from the pics, the denim doesn’t look particularly blue to me, more like a black denim – is that the case? And this is same material as charcoal and sandstone?

    • Blundstone Canada

      Hi Judy!

      It is a blue denim, very similar to a pair of jeans. Pictures through a computer screen are tough to get 100% accurate. The material is canvas and is the same as the Sand and Charcoal.

      Thank you!

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