The Wall Street Journal: These Are the Ideal, Affordable, All-Weather Men’s Boots

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Original Article by Ha Duong on the Wall Street Journal.

Blundstones—a favorite of rugged types like Brad Pitt—are having (yet another) day in the mud. Here are 5 reasons why they endure


  1. They’re tough enough for, say, crocodile wrangling.

Blundstone boots were originally intended for laborers working in Tasmania’s harsh outback during Australia’s colonial days in the late-19th century. Today, the shoe is still made of extra-thick leather treated to be water-resistant, so it can withstand your messiest activity, even if that’s just braving a soggy garden.

  1. Yet light enough for, say, accompanying your toddler to ballet class.

While durable shoes tend to be a bit intense for everyday use (see: Timberland work boots), these flex and bend, thanks to their lightweight polyurethane midsole, should you be asked to demonstrate a move during a dance tutorial.

  1. You can commute in them comfortably yet still look tidy for your 9 a.m.

While companies like Goldman Sachs may have drastically relaxed workplace dress codes, many bosses still scowl at sneakers. Blundstones, with their trim Chelsea-boot silhouette, are as refined as super-comfy shoes get. “They’re almost like a slipper in a shoe,” said Don Weir, co-owner of men’s fashion retailer Stag Provisions, who’s worn the boots for 19 pain-free years.


  1. Cultured, yes. Pretentious? No.

Blundstones ruggedly walk the line between artsy and outdoorsy. Think: that friend of yours who paints still lives in between rock-climbs. Culturally credible celebs like Brad Pitt and Benedict Cumberbatch have been spotted in them on city streets, but hikers and motorcyclists love them, too.

  1. You don’t need to replace them constantly.

Though they’re comfortable out of the box, Blundstones get broken in by molding to your feet over time. Mr. Weir owns three pairs: a beaten pair for everyday use, a halfway-worn pair for casual meetings, and a seldom-worn pair for nicer events. “I depend on them.”

Original article posted on the Wall Street Journal.

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