Jamie Comeau & The Crooked Teeth: Breathing New Life into the East Coast

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A collective hailing from Saint John, New Brunswick, Jamie Comeau & The Crooked Teeth feature a four-piece band that combines style and originality with personality and stage presence to bring forth a unique alternative blue/indie folk sound. The Crooked Teeth rose quickly to popularity in the East Coast music scene after winning the Harvest Jazz & Blues Stingray Music Rising Star Competition in 2017.

In March 2018 they packed up a 2006 Ford Focus Wagon and hit the road in the Maritime’s performing everywhere from Nova Scotia to Prince Edward Island. Their debut, self-titled album was released in August 2019 featuring popular tracks like “Fortune” and “Tall Pine.” The latter which is part of the Blundstone Playlist Volume 4.

“Tall Pine” came about while lying under a pine tree trying to escape the heat at the Evolve Festival in Antigonish, NS. Lead singer, Jamie Comeau—with his guitar in hand—noticed a penny had been pushed deep into the tree that it was almost fully grown over. This sparked the idea that soon became “Tall Pine”, through the beauty of a favourite festival, a hidden gem, friends and a slight hangover. Jamie loves the memories and work that the band puts into all their music and hopes fans will find something they can relate to or enjoy about their sound.

The band name, Crooked Teeth, comes from an insecurity Jamie had at a young age. He shares, “Bruce Wayne had a fear of bats as a child, he then overcame that fear and became the Bat. I wasn’t “afraid” of my teeth, I was ashamed of them because I was picked on, so I became the teeth with the help of the best band mates a guy could ask for.”

Bassist, Aidan Bullock recalls enjoying music from a young age. “I was more musically inclined than other family members. Always finding enjoyment in new sounds and songs that my dad would show me.” As a teenager, he took up guitar lessons and once he understood music theory, he began writing songs. “I think that is when I felt the most inspired.”

The trials and tribulations of music are not lost on drummer, Drake Adams, who shares that balancing life and work comes easier with the support of his family. “They are always behind me 100% and that always pushes me to make them proud.” He also shares his admiration for other East Coast artists making their way through the difficult music industry. “I feel as though we’re all in this together and it’s just awesome to see everyone pushing their art.”

Fans of Blundstone boots, The Crooked Teeth were excited to take part in this year’s playlist. “We have all owned a pair or two of Blundstone [boots],” guitarist Nick LeBlanc shares. “Wearing them can almost inspire an adventure which no other boot has done for me.” Aidan agrees, sharing that he can’t wait to rock his new boots on adventures around the province, especially places where he can swim and interact with nature.  “We wear them proudly!” Nick adds about the band and their favourite boots.

In the wake of Covid-19, the band has found their tour dates and performances getting cancelled left, right and centre.  However, they share (quite excitedly) that they have been given the opportunity to play at a unique performance called “Music at the Sussex Drive-In” on June 12. Find more information on this event here: https://www.facebook.com/2075505846031513/posts/2667572396824852/ and warm up your ears by heading over to the Blundstone Playlist Volume 4 to listen to their memorable song “Tall Pine.” Enjoy!

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