Kat McLevey: Melodic, Mesmerizing and Down to Earth

 In Ambassadors, Everywhere Life Takes Me, Life is a Boot

Hailing from St. John’s, Newfoundland comes Kat McLevey, a young, multitalented musician who is taking the East Coast music scene by storm. Her music encapsulates a perfect, harmonious medley of acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin and ukulele giving her music a melodic, mesmerizing and down to earth sound. You can find her single, “The Great Unweight” on the Blundstone Playlist.

If you’ve read any interviews with Kat, it is clear she has a witty, charming personality and is living the best version of herself she can. In 2012, at the age of sixteen, Kat performed at a MusicNL Week event after winning second place at the Statoil MusicNL Newfound Talent Contest. From there she blossomed into a renowned artist in the East Coast music scene; winning the Rising Star of the Year award and Female Artist of the Year at MusicNL 2015, as well as nomination for Rising Star Recording of the Year at the 2016 East Coast Music Awards. To accomplish something of that magnitude by the age of twenty is truly unbelievable.

Since the fall of 2015, Kat has been attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston, studying jazz composition with a minor in music production and engineering. How she has time for full-time studies, as well as an evolving music career, is incredible. Whether it be performing, or working behind the scenes, her education and unquestionable skill will certainly lead to a long and fruitful career in the music industry.

Earlier in her music career – before all of the awards and recognition – Kat “had reservations about [her] ability to stick to [her] artistic visions” and her willingness to be “open to growth, advice and change”. While she found it “hard to trust [her] instincts,” her persistence and experience in the industry helped her to maintain that vision while keeping herself open to new opportunities.

If Kat were to give advice to her fellow artists looking for their place in the industry, it would be “to record some demos… before reaching out to the industry folks”. She found it essential “to have something to share before expecting… any responses” and just as important to “be genuine and open to learn the ropes however [they] can”. Given the chance she would have asked “more questions from the professionals around [her] and learn what she [could] from their decades of experience”.

With all of the hard work and dedication she has devoted to her craft, Kat definitely needs a break once and a while. When she isn’t serenading the crowds on stage or studying in the heart of Boston, Kat likes to “be out in nature, far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life”. Whether she is hiking, biking, kayaking or canoeing, she enjoys “anything that makes [her] feel grounded and connected to the Earth,” hoping to embrace the “simple quiet moments” the outdoors has to offer.

Always with her on her adventures are her Blundstone Boots – her “year-round companions”. She’s taken her boots to hell and back, wearing the “same pair of boots [from] a 10-day canoe trip [to] a stage performing for an audience of thousands”. With those boots on her feet she feels they “allow [her] to push boundaries and explore outside of [her] comfort zone”.

With the days of warmth waning on us, get out there, enjoy the sun and throw on some of Kat’s music. It will surely brighten your day!

Listen to Kat McLevey now on the Blundstone Playlist 2017!

Photos by Joe Dominix.


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