KROY: Hypnotic, Haunting & Serene

 In Ambassadors, Life is a Boot

With an emphasis on relationships, life and the human emotion, KROY combines trip-hop with synth-pop to create a beautiful, spellbinding, and easy-to-groove-to sound. Her single, Monstrosity, can be found on the Blundstone Playlist, and if you get a chance, check out the music video as well to experience the hypnotic, haunting feeling she brings to the song.

Behind the stage name KROY is Camille Poliquin, an uber-talented, young musician from Montreal, QC. While most of us would have been traversing the ups and downs of adolescence, Camille began her performing career at the age of 12 as the lead vocalist in Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam. Camille spent two years traveling the world with Cirque du Soleil, where she gained experience in the performing arts unlike anyone else her age. During this time, she truly found her calling. Camille began writing songs under the name KROY in 2012, and in the same year provided backup vocals on albums for David Giguère and Jason Bajada. It wasn’t until she released her first EP-Birthday-in 2014, to positive reviews, that she “really started to believe [she] could do this”. She hasn’t once looked back.  Since then, her album, Scavenger also won the Grafika prize for the album cover.

On top of being the sole, creative mind behind KROY, Camille is also one half of the pop-synth duo Milk & Bone, who were nominated for the 2015 Polaris Music Prize & long listed for the Polaris Price for their second album. With both Milk & Bone and KROY, Camille has had the chance to continue her travels around the world to share her soothing, hypnotic sound with a wider audience; having recently trekked to South America for shows in Brazil & Chile as KROY, and a tour through Europe with Milk & Bone.

Over the years Camille has felt that “a big part of [her] stage persona has to do with art and fashion,” making her a perfect fit for the Blundstone Playlist. As someone who has “been wearing them for years,” Camille can attest to the quality and comfort Blundstone represents. While she “likes to dress up, [Camille’s] main worry is [being] comfortable in [her] shoes so [she] can feel in control of [her] voice”. With a pair of Blundstone Boots providing that perfect balance between fashion and comfort, she can have the peace of mind needed to feel free on stage and deliver a killer performance.

By now, you have realized that Camille’s life revolves around the arts, pulling inspiration from “the music [she] loves, industrial design, architecture and contemporary art”. And with her upbringing, could you blame her? While firmly entrenched in the music scene, if she absolutely had to make a living by other means, she would love to get into the world of Architecture. And with her bottomless well of creativity and determination, she would no doubt make that dream come true as well.

Listen to KROY now on the Blundstone Playlist 2017!

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