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Performing music described as “angular-pop”, St. John’s Property consists of vocalist/guitarist Sarah Harris, guitarist Jack Etchegary and bassist Liam Wight. Property’s original sound comes from electronic backing with a drum machine, an aspect of their performance that can be controversial for some. There is a certain energy that a drummer can provide, but Property isn’t concerned about lacking this energy. The drum machine works to keep the band minimal while also adding a unique texture to their sound.

Their first album, Privacy, was released in December 2017, was nominated for three 2018 MusicNL awards and landed them a coveted spot at the Halifax Pop Explosion music festival. The group recently released an EP “How to be Human” and toured Eastern Canada in support of the release, which included performances at Kazoo! Fest (Guelph), Flourish Fest (Fredericton), and the 2019 East Coast Music Awards (Charlottetown).

Each February, an event popular among Newfoundlanders called the RPM Challenge invites musicians of all skill and experience levels to record 10 songs or 35 minutes of original music—just because they can! In 2016, Jack and Sarah—veterans to the competition—completed the challenge under the name Property, recording the majority of the songs in their dorm room in Halifax. Many of the songs on their debut album are re-recorded versions of those RPM challenges’ dorm room productions.

Property hopes their listeners can find something to relate to when enjoying their music. While they personally don’t have a “best” song yet, their fans have been partial to “Anarchy Baby.” Property draws inspiration from musicians they’ve worked with in their St. John’s music scene who not only make music, but also release and record on their own.

Property have been fans of Blundstone boots since they were kids – “practically everyone in Newfoundland wears them.”

On tour, you never know what kind of weather or terrain you might encounter, and Blundstone comfort can’t be beat. On stage, in the car or while on foot, Blundstone boots have been their constant companions.

Intricate guitar riffs, electronic backing and thought-provoking lyrics are yours for the listening in Property’s Blundstone Playlist Volume III contribution, “Meditations.”

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