Riverfest: From Humble Beginnings to Epic Three-Day Festival

 In Everywhere Life Takes Me, Life is a Boot

For nine years the small town of Elora, Ontario has hosted Riverfest – a fun-filled weekend of music, arts, food and culture – held along the banks of the Grand River. This amazing festival has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings as a backyard festival in 2008 and has hosted an impressive array of musicians, such as Metric, Blue Rodeo, Sam Roberts Band and the Sheepdogs.

This past August featured MGMT and Mother Mother, along with Canadian bands like USS and Sloan, also with Blundstone Playlist artists, Partner and Megan Nash.

With over 400 dedicated volunteers each year, the energy of the event is brought to life through the volunteers’ excitement and passion for music and community, and by all those attending. Laughter and excited cheers filled the crowds as each new musical guest donned the stage, it was impossible to not feel the joy of all those who came together to celebrate.

Blundstone Canada was proud to host our boot toss booth at the festival, allowing festival-goers a chance win a pair of Blundstone boots. Partnered with Wellington Water Watchers, attendees were invited to make a donation to aid in protection, restoration and conservation of drinking water in Guelph and Wellington county and in exchange for a donation, they were given the opportunity to compete in the boot toss. A good cause for an awesome prize.

Collin, Riverfest organizer and team member, shared that “having Blundstone be a part of this year’s Riverfest was a blessing.” Blundstone is a brand that connects with music and arts, and has always been a part of the festival through artist and attendees. As Collin puts it, “a pair of Blundstones are a part of the unofficial Riverfest uniform.”

Blundstone Canada even donated some boots to a few of the hard-working volunteers at Riverfest, who joyfully received them in a way that Collin describes as “as kid on Christmas morning.”

He shared that Riverfest is all about community, working with local brands, artists and volunteers. Riverfest thrives because of the Elora Community willing to participate. As Collin puts it, “Elora is Riverfest, Riverfest is Elora.” With each attendee as unique as those putting on the event, Riverfest is the place to be each summer to experience local culture, community integration and inspirational performances. From the creative vendors, talented musicians and delicious food to the enthusiastic volunteers, excited guests and awesome venue, Riverfest has proved year after year that it is an event worth attending, long-lasting and above all fun for everyone.

With Blundstone boots as a constant presence from attendees and musicians to vendors and volunteers, we feel right at home with all the locals!

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