Sarah MacDougall: Finding a Balance

 In Ambassadors, Everywhere Life Takes Me, Life is a Boot, Word of Foot

Swedish Canadian singer/songwriter, Sarah MacDougall, moved to Vancouver when she was just nineteen to attend university. Connected to Canada through her father, she came with the intention to take her music career more seriously by recording songs and touring.

Her first tour took her to Whitehorse, Yukon, a place she intended to stay for just a couple of months but ended up moving more permanently. Inspired by the amazing community, flexible lifestyle and the Great White North, Sarah found a place to call home where she could create her music freely.

At the age of eleven, Sarah began writing songs. Her love of music eventually led her to the music industry where she explored well composed music and inspiring lyrics to bring meaning to her work. Playing music and travelling with her friends and band mates are the things that keep her going in a competitive industry, giving her a chance to meet “amazing people all over the world.”

Sarah shared her struggles with finding a balance between work and life. “It’s hard to find a routine in your life when you’re coming and going all the time.” The hardships of touring start to weigh on all performers. “I find that spending time with nature, my partner and friends, and my dog, really helps.”

Finding inspiration has never been difficult for Sarah, who shared that she admires so many artists. Lately she’s been enjoying the likes of Billie Eilish, Asgeir and Sigur Ros. “I love the soundscape elements in all of their music.” Sarah hopes she can inspire her listeners the way she has been inspired by others.

Before moving to Canada, Sarah spent a year in Australia. Though the original home of Blundstone boots, Sarah didn’t try her first pair until she made the move to Vancouver. Before participating in the Blundstone playlist she was a fan of the brand, owning a pair of the Winter Thermals with sheepskin insole. “I can wear them anywhere and not get cold, including the Yukon. I love that they can replace big clunky winter boots.”

Sarah’s fourth album – All The Hours I Have Left To Tell You Anything – is about strength, identity, death, relationships, birth and the ghosts we carry with us. The opening track and her contribution to the playlist, Empire, was first inspired by a helicopter ride Sarah took in Yukon over a glacier. “I use the visual of the vastness of nature and the destruction of the environment to talk about the complications of relationships and passing of time,” Sarah shared.

Head over to the Blundstone Playlist Volume 4 to listen to this soaring track and be swept away by Sarah’s poetic sound.

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