Spring Revival: Maple Syrup and Wild Leek Festival at Eigensinn Farm

 In Everywhere Life Takes Me, Life is a Boot, Word of Foot

Recently, Blundstone Canada gathered up its cutlery, a good bottle of wine and took a day trip to Eigensinn Farm in Singhampton, ON to celebrate the arrival of spring with Chef Michael Stadtländer and friends.

We may be biased, but our Blundstone boots were a good choice of footwear upon arrival, as the ground was soft and fresh from the break of cold weather. From each muddy foot travelled, it was a pilgrimage to spring; our journey was just as important as our destination. The path to the event was lined with recycled wine bottles catching glints of sunlight and pearl shards of oysters; with each step, our excitement grew. You pass by chickens and large art installations; and while in between trying to not slip in the mud, you wonder, what kind of magical place is this? Your answer lies at the end of the path into the open field, where hundreds of guests gather to sample food at over a dozen food stations.

With boots on the ground, chefs work seamlessly, crafting dishes inspired from sap in the maple trees and wild leeks growing on the property, reconnecting land and earth with good friends and good food. There isn’t a single dish that stands out, they all do.

According to Chef Michael Stadtländer, The Maple Syrup and Wild Leek Festival is a “celebration of nature, art and food”, and has been for the past 18 years. This year marks the farm 25th year in production and is only one of a series of culinary events Stadtländer and wife Nobuyo are hosting at their farm.

Remarkably, with no promotion, tickets sell out every year. Much like Blundstone, it is the word of foot that continues its longevity. Its reputation is associated with quality and craftsmanship.

Blundstone has been Michael’s choice of footwear for farm and kitchen since he and his wife arrived here from Germany. Michael and Nobuyo make sure to outfit each apprentice with a new pair of Blundstone boots, as they trust the quality and reliability. It is the alignment of these core values that has developed into the strong relationship between Stadtlander and Blundstone that continues to this day.

After a full day (and full stomach) filled with good food, good friends and good boots, the magic had to end. As we made our way back down the path and back to reality, the haze of sun and being filled to the brim started to sink in. The day may have been over, but the meaning and connection we felt to our community and land will always remain.

Thank you, Chef and Nobuyo for a wonderful day!

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