Sweet Alibi: Tackling Love, Loss and Life

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With a heavy focus on life issues like love, loss, addiction and mental wellness, Sweet Alibi’s soulful three-part harmonies make their songs unforgettable. Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Sweet Alibi is made up of the distinct complementary voices of Amber Nielsen, Michelle Anderson and Jessica Rae Ayre, joined by Alasdair Dunlop on the bass and Sandy Fernandez on drums. Winners for best roots group at the Western Canadian Music Awards, their music has garnered national and international praise.

Tom Power of CBC Radio 2 describes Sweet Alibi as “If Mumford and Sons and the Supremes had a love child it would be named Sweet Alibi.” High praise for the folk-pop artists.

Sweet Alibi shares their band name came about by looking through a dictionary. “We already knew we wanted something along the lines of the word ‘sweet’, so we used that and started reading words out. We obviously didn’t make it past the A’s.” Michelle and Amber met when Jessica insisted they all get together and play some music. This resulted in an original song that is on their first album. It was fate.

Their inspiration comes from all walks of life, including family tragedy. Sweet Alibi shares their most recent album “Walking in the Dark” features a song written by Amber after her mom passed away. Pouring their loss and heartache into their songs has made them relatable for their audiences. “Whenever we play that song there is someone in the audience that thanks us for it. We hope that our music can help people going through a tough time.”

The band was excited to rock their new Blundstone boots. “This is my first pair,” Michelle said. “And I can’t be more excited for them!” Bass player, Alasdair has owned a pair for more than five years and couldn’t wait to get his hands on another.  With hopes to travel again in the near future, Sweet Alibi share their love of hiking and exploring. “They might end up walking around some old castles!”

Their contribution to the Blundstone Playlist Volume 4 is “Confetti”, a song that was thought up years ago by Jessica while listening to CBC radio. Between songs, Rich Terfry shared a headline featuring an Austrian woman who cut up her 1.1 million of life savings just before she passed away. A collection of shredded money was found strewn across her bed in her retirement home. “I turned to my friend and said ‘it would be like confetti made of money’.” Jessica shared. Confetti at her funeral.

Three years later when Jessica’s grandmother was diagnosed with cancer there was some unrest with the family and the handling of the will. This brought Jessica back in time to the story about the woman from Austria and now seeing firsthand how weird things can get around death and money, “the song pretty much wrote itself.”

With their fourth studio album on the horizon, prepare for the release by listening to their soulful single “Confetti” available on the Blundstone Playlist Volume 4 now!

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